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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 15.00%


It's easy! Sign up and within minutes you'll be able to copy and paste simple links into your website, email, social network, member portals or anywhere! You can even advertise offline in magazines or newspapers with your own unique link. Just for registering we will add $50 to your account! Have a friend that has a dog? Send them a quick email with a special link that will track when they purchase and you'll cash in $$ : )

Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

By filling out the signup form you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions, understand, and agree with them.

Joining the Program By filling out the signup form, and upon acceptance, you will become an affiliate and are bound by the terms of this agreement. Your participation in the program is solely for this purpose: to legally advertise our website to receive a commission on products purchased by your referred individuals. Also, As a special bonus, $50 will be added to your commissions when you join. Please keep in mind, additional referral sales must occur to reach the $100 threshold needed for a payout. Once your commissions reach $100, you will be paid.

Affiliate Responsibilities It is understood that you will introduce Colorado Dog Company products and/or services to your current and prospective customers and base and will comply with all laws as well those that govern email marketing and anti-spam laws. Colorado Dog Company reserves the right to accept or reject any prospective customers and will pay you a commission per customer referred using your affiliate code according to the designated payment schedule.

Either you or Colorado Dog Company may terminate the Affiliate relationship at any time. You are only eligible to earn Affiliate payments during your time as an approved Affiliate. Colorado Dog Company may change the program or service policies and operating procedures at any time.

Payment Schedule Payments will be made on or near to the 1st of each calendar month. Commissions earned below $100 will be carried to the following month - the threshold to receive payment. Commissions will be paid via PayPal.

Affiliate Relationship This Affiliate relationship is one of independent contractors. Colorado Dog Company will not be liable for indirect, special or consequential damages arising in connection with this program and our aggregate liability arising with respect to this program will not exceed the total referral fees paid or payable to you. Colorado Dog Company makes no express or implied warranties or representations with respect to the program. In addition, Colorado Dog Company makes no representation that the operation of the service will be uninterrupted or error-free, and Colorado Dog Company will not be liable for the consequences of any interruptions or errors.

Revocation of Affiliate Status Your affiliate application and status in the program may be suspended or terminated for any of the following reasons:

  • Inappropriate advertisements (false claims, misleading hyperlinks)

  • Illegal spamming (mass email, mass newsgroup posting, etc.)

  • Advertising on sites containing/promoting illegal activities

  • Violation of intellectual property rights

  • Inability to setup links or refer clients to Colorado Dog Company (lack of performance)

Affiliate Links You may use graphic and text links both on your website, emails, blogs and social pages or member sites. The site may also be advertised "offline" in classified ads, magazines, and newspapers. You may use the graphics and text provided to you by us, or you may create your own as long as they are deemed appropriate according to the conditions above. We do suggested if you would like a custom advertisement you contact us.

Affiliate Tracking When a web surfer clicks through your affiliate link, a cookie is set in their browser that contains your affiliate username. Also, their IP address is tracked in the database along with your affiliate name. When this person decides to buy a product, the script will look for this cookie and/or try to match their IP address to identify the affiliate who will be awarded the commission. Visitors sent through your affiliate link may make a purchase later in time and the commission will still be awarded if the cookie is present in their browser and/or they are using the same IP address as the one logged in the database.

Terms of the agreement These terms will begin upon your signup with the affiliate program and will end when your affiliate account is terminated. The terms of this agreement may be modified by Colorado Dog Company at any time. If any modification to the terms is unacceptable to you, your only choice is to terminate your affiliate account. Your continuing participation in the program will constitute your acceptance of any change.

Liability We will not be liable for indirect or accidental damages (loss of revenue, commissions) due to affiliate tracking failures, loss of database files, and any results of "intents of harm" to the program or our website. We do not make any expressed or implied warranties with respect to the affiliate program and/or products sold at this site. We make no claim that the operation of the affiliate program and our website will be error-free and we will not be liable for any interruptions or errors.

By submitting your application, you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions, understand, and agree with them.